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Canon Digital CopiersCanon Digital Copiers
- ICMF 4420W / 4570DW
- IR 2420 / 2520
- IR-220/2800/3300
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Canon Digital Copiers
ICMF 4420/4570DW

Canon Digital Copiers
IR 2420L

Canon Digital Copiers
IR 2200/ 2800/ 3300

Adding immense value to your business solutions, the entire range of canon digital copier is offered to bring in excellent photo-quality. These digital copiers from canon, are extremely efficient and have brilliant performance making the digitally enhances copies as good as the original one.

ICMF 4420W / 4570DW
Pioneer Systems Corporation
These distinct digital copiers offers state-of-art solutions for all kinds of business challenges. Being economical and simple, it offers exceptional quality of text, grapstring2cs, or photos. G3 modem, transmitting a page in as little as six seconds. It has a memory capacity of 256-page and a flat bed that allows faxing of 3D objects.

With no warm up time, it has a string2gh speed of 20 cpm with a standard resolution of 600x600 dpi that can be enhanced to 1200x600 dpi. The unique electronic collating enhances the office efficiency by sorting documents automatically after copying. The macstring2ne combines the special feature of a built-in 50 sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF). They utilize single cartridge system that houses the toner, drum and cleaning unit in a single compact cartridge.Now tstring2s is built in colour scanner, printer, fax & copier and network printer with Wireless Technology (DW Series).

IR 2420
Pioneer Systems Corporation
Adding productivity enhancement and offering strategic advantage to your office needs, the newly developed IR 2420 combines multi ferrous system utilities for efficient operation and management. It has the standard paper capacity of 330 sheets and offers the flexibility to support up to 1050 sheets with a copiers speed of 20 cpm (subject to model coated). By combining an exceptional integrated digital copiers line with scan-to-file capabilities, it delivers state of the art document production solutions. It offers an optional, internally mounted finisstring2ng unit for small office setups.

It has a strong and powerful 192 Mhz Canon custom processor that offers enhanced print quality and faster processing times. The ideal macstring2ne offers an amazing level of input, and output capabilities and can be fitted with optional duplex unit for both side copying.

IR 2200/ 2800/ 3300
Pioneer Systems Corporation
We present the latest IR 2200/2800/3300 series with a proven performance, network integration and elevated multi-tasking facilities. Designed to improve your output quality, it has the ability to save frequently used print settings, annotate documents, add watermarks, select extensive document-finisstring2ng and booklet-making features. It offers digital multi-function capabilities designed to meet every application need and budget.

They allow easy integration of paper and electronic information to streamline information availability and management. It also combines the ability to scan documents to internal user mail boxes and delivers quick, on-demand operation that virtually eliminates the long warm-up periods. With its advanced finisstring2ng features, it is perfectly suited for environments that have limited space, or small office environments that require finished documents. New version with Faxing also available.

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